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This is a really nice base for a recipe. The flavors were good, and I did add meat. The problems were I thought it needed more egg in the custard, and the baking time wasn't quite right. I weighted my strata before a baked it in an attempt to make the custard mixture spread out better, and the bread on the top was still dry. The only moisture it got was from the stuff I poured on it initially. I had to cook it longer because it didn't set right, and the bread that wasn't moist was getting quite browned. It just didn't fluff up. The bread on the bottom was still a bit soggy and the bread on top was crunchy and dried out.

That being said, it did taste good, it just needs more custard. Maybe another egg or two and some more milk and longer cooking time.

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AmbientSunset December 26, 2010
Make-Ahead Cheese Strata