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This was hard to rate since this is a new dessert for me & I have nothing first-hand to compare it with. After doing some internet research I likened this recipe to a version of Halo-Halo dessert. Unfortunately, I think that maybe this recipe is not the best or has a mistake in it. The milk was way, way too much. It was like drinking milk with some shaved ice & corn kernels floating in it. I totally lost the creamed corn & vanilla ice cream flavors & textures to the milk ice. I don't think even a little bit of milk would have appropriately saved this though. I also read that the milk ingredient in halo-halo is actually usually sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk, which I think would make a big big difference! Sorry, but I will not be making this recipe again. Thanks for sharing though and introducing me to a new dessert concept that I can experiment with. I will try a commercial made version of halo-halo for more experience with this type of dessert next. [Made & Reviewed for Unrated Asian Recipe Tag]

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Gaia22 August 03, 2009
Mais Con Yelo (Sweet Corn With Ice) Maiz Con Hielo