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I have used this recipe several times now and the first time I used it was for jumbo cupcakes. The cupcakes were AWESOME, but when I use it for sheet cakes, it has not ever turned out as moist and fluffy as the cupcakes. The sheet cake is more dense. Still a great flavor, but I will stick with using this recipe only for cupcakes.

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mandycakes77 May 12, 2010

I like this recipe a lot. A little improv can really make it great. It really has that bakery cake flavor. This would probably be great almond flavored too. I got mine to turn out with a very soft texture by replacing the regular milk with buttermilk (which I made myself by measuring out a cup of milk & subtracting a Tbsp, then replacing that tablespoon of milk with some lemon juice & let it sit for 5-10 mins). The acid in buttermilk breaks down the gluten in flour, which results in a softer cake. Also, I put my regular granulated sugar in the food processor (I have a ninja chopper) and ground it down to make supefine sugar instead. This makes the sugar easier to absorb, and also cuts down on mixing time. Doing this really turned out a flavorful and moist cake. I only gave this 4 stars because, like others have said, the cooking time is wayyy off. my cupcakes actually burned on the bottom, but they still were awesome on the inside. just watch it more than relying on the cooking time & do a doneness test frequently. I don't know how the frosting is, because I used my own recipe.

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mandy62307 February 16, 2012

I will never buy box cake mix again! Super easy and delicious. Next time I will probably add another teaspoon of vanilla for a little extra flavor (and take out a teaspoon of milk so the consistency is right). My cupcakes didn't get a "crown" on them, which if I was making a layer cake to decorate I would definitely prefer, but for cupcakes I will add a little baking powder next time also. Great recipe!

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jpa June 13, 2010

Outstanding! Made for my twin daughter's birthday cake and made a 2nd batch for take-away cupcake favors for their party. YUM. Didn't use this frosting; used the Sprinkles frosting also on this site, which was excellent. The cake has an almost pound cake type density and flavor and is very, very good!!! Going in my favorites folder!

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Epi Curious March 22, 2010

It was a very good cake. It did have a slight dense, cornbread texture. My hubby really liked that. I added a little more milk(like 1/4 cup) and I doubled the vanilla(could have stood to have more). I really liked it, but I (because of cake mixes) am used to a more airy, light texture. I think I might stick with this one and try sifting or a food processer with the sugar and flour.

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mistyheitman June 10, 2012

This turned our horribly. The cake was very dense and the icing was way too sweet. I've made buttercream frosting before and this recipe just didn't work.

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JoBean March 24, 2011

I agree that this cake was dry. Not at all what I expected since the bakery is so fantastic. Not sure why they would want to put their name on this. I drawned it in frosting and it was okay then. Will not make again.

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jennibauer February 18, 2008

This wasn't really what I was expecting considering all the great reviews. While the texture was ok, the taste was way too sweet yet also almost tasteless. It was like the sugar was added AFTER it had baked. Don't know how else to explain it. And the icing is way, way, way too sweet. After 4 cups I knew it would be a disaster but I had to keep adding more to get the right consistency. Then it was so yellow from the butter. One of the pictures shows white icing, but mine was very yellow. But that was ok as I was going to add green food coloring in. My 5 year (for whom the cake was made) announced it yummy, then told me that I could throw it away. I gave it a couple of stars because 1) the cake itself is easy to make a and 2) it's edible if not great. So in a pinch, I could see myself making the cake again, but definitely not the frosting.

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Meal Murderess January 19, 2012

The cupcakes were slightly better than the cake, but neither were particularly good. The cake was not fluffy but very flat and compact. And the frosting was okay in flavor, but not the best icing I've ever had. I won't make this again.

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rcragun June 22, 2010

i love to bake, inface I am addicted to baking and am always searching for a better vanilla cake recipe... sometimes I forget that I probably have the best one out there right now... I figured let me try this for a rainbow cake for my son's birthday... BIg MISTAKE. The cake is overly sweet, and yes it does taste like a sugar cookie, infact this cake is more like a cookie then it is a cake. It reminds me of the dense cakes the rainbow or tri-color italian cookies are made of. It is very dense, overly sweet and and I didn't get much moisture from it, just a very very dense bread like super sweet cake. Thankgod I am a baking mad woman and decided to go crazy and do cake pops and cupcakes too. The kids will love the look of it, but the adults will enjoy the other treats. This is a definite pass for me... btw I followed the directions to a T... when I took it out it also totally deflated... just to mention to you baking gods out there... Don't know what the deal is with this.. but I wish I'd seen some of the suggestions earlier like buttermilk... I wonder if it would have salvaged it a bit. Eitherway doesn't matter I'm not using this recipe again. So bake at your own risk!

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pay80_2085771 July 29, 2013
Magnolia Bakery's Vanilla Birthday Cake and Frosting