Magnificent Mimosas for Two

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4 mins
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This looks sooo good, and not just the regular orange juice mimosas. Another recipe I saw on the morning news. Recipe from Franklin Street Inn

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  1. Place your goblet in the freezer for 30 minute or less to make your goblet frosty cold. Divide the above amounts between two goblets and stir.
  2. Garnish with an orange cut into slices and then into halves. Cut a slit in each half and hook it onto the rim of each goblet as an attractive garnish. Otherwise, you may also use a decorative fruit pick with fresh pineapple triangle, strawberry, and orange half.
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What a way to start a special morning! I omitted the sugar and used cranberry juice concentrate, adding it in the end, sliding it down the side of the glass to the bottom of the glass, to create sun rise effect, like on the picture. Very impressive and so easy!

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I liked these mimosas, but thought they were just a little sweet. While good, I'm not sure I noticed an advantage over just plain OJ and champagne.

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Really great tasting mimosa. I used champagne which was sweet so I only used 1 tsp of the sugar and it turned out perfect. I think next time I will omit the sugar all together. Thanks for posting Jess!