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Well FT, you have done it for me again. This is yet another recipe that is easy-to-fix, yummy good & sent me right to my kitchen for a dy of fun & creativity. I made the cookies for my MILs sweet tooth & the Dec Photo Challenge. I have never used icing sugar in a cookie recipe b4, but it works so well! Not sure why, but my dough was very dry & I added 2 tbsp butter + 1 tbsp water to get it to a good roll-out consistency. All went smoothly after that. I lacked the spec cookie cutters you used & had no food colouring or cookie decorations. So I used cranberry juice concentrate for colour & brushed the surface of some cookies b4 dusting w/granulated sugar to get a sparkle effect. The cookies are yummy w/o it, but it surprised me how much flavor the cranberry concentrate gave to the cookies & I bet this could be done w/other fruit concentrates. Thx for sharing this great recipe w/us.

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twissis December 11, 2007

This must be the perfect Christmas cookie. It's pretty, deliciously buttery and very easy to make.

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Dreamer in Ontario November 21, 2010

Easy and wonderful! I do not have the special snowflake biscuit-cookie cutter. For this reason two different sized star cutter were my patterns. For some cookies I pressed a snow pattern with the back of the knife.
Really fantastic and decorative. Thanks a lot!

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awalde December 16, 2010
Magical Sparkling Snowflakes: Christmas Butter Biscuits-Cookies