Magical Iced Beverage (Non-Alcoholic)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

A Middle Eastern-flavored iced beverage from a local source. Shhh!! You have my blessing to play with the ingredient amounts as you please.

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  1. To make tamarind juice: for every 1 cup of water add 2-3 tablespoons tamarind syrup. Tamarind syrup is available at Middle Eastern and Indian/Asian stores. The ratio on the bottle I have in the pantry is 3/4 cup water to 1/4 cup tamarind syrup. Adjust amount to your preference.
  2. Mix beverage ingredients together in a pretty pitcher and chill.
  3. Serve over ice with lemon/orange slices and fresh mint for garnish.
  4. Add more sweetener if necessary.
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So refreshing! I may have added a bit too much Mexichef tamarind concentrate to the tamarind juice (I didn't have tamarind syrup), so this came out pretty tart, but I just added more agave syrup to sweeten it. I really liked how subtle the rosewater was, because I found that I don't care for things that taste too strongly of rosewater. I"ll definitely be making this again, thanks for posting :)! Made for The Queens of Quisine for ZWT6 NA*ME (Sand and Spices Challenge)

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Well after a trip to the Middle Eastern grocery and finding all the ingredients, this has been made! It doesn't taste like anything I've ever had before and I love it! My boyfriend says it's great - kinda like weird and wonderful iced tea... Made for ZWT #6!

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So refreshing - lovely, bright and aromatic. My Syrian brother-in-law supplied me with the tamarind syrup and it was go from there. Made up a pitcher and filled it with ice and had it with our dinner. It's fruity, sweet, floral and VERY refreshing. Thanks for such a great recipe!