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I make a huge batch of this soup every year around Halloween. I freeze it in glass ball jars and add the noodles to it later when it is thawed and cooked. When everyone starts getting those colds and flu bugs this is my go-to. I have given the jars to sick friends and relatives and they all say the same thing, "Thank you so much!" It comforts the soul. I sip it for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I am down. It has helped me bounce back, and as a teacher with two toddlers to take care of, trust me I get every germ on the block and then I have to turn around and go to work everyday. So I love this recipe.

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ttreber August 04, 2011

Great flavor and worth the time! I made the stock and froze 2 separate containers with the shredded chicken to make smaller batches! It has been welcome, wholesome food for the cold season! I had never used parnsips before and they add a great spicy note. I also add chopped kale to my fresh batches and just mix it in and let it cook a bit to add some fresh green flavor. A fantastic soup!

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chrisv January 05, 2014

OMG!!! I will never eat soup out of a can again!!! We included all the ingredients (double the garlic) to render the stock. There was a mouth-watering aroma that filled the house as it simmered on the stove. When it came time to make the finished product we only added carrots and celery (more than the recipe calls for). Also, the dill adds originality that most Chicken Noodle Soups lack. It had the best flavor. It was worth every minute that it took! This is going right to the top of our comfort food list!!!

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It's Good to be Queen! March 14, 2011

Awesome soup Queen of Everything! This is the 2nd time that I have made your soup - we love it. I have never used turnip or parsnip before & this really adds the yum! I also could not bare to throw away the 1st round of cooked veg & kept and used instead of mashed potato in salmon patties...they were also fab! Thanks again!

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Catherine Robson November 28, 2009

This soup is delicious. It's even better the day after. I made it for my BF who's got a cold and he ate 2 bowls last night and 3 this morning for breakfast! And yes, he does actually seems to be feeling better now. I've never used parsnips or turnips in my cooking. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they make such a savory and delicious broth. All these years of trying to make a chicken noodle soup that tastes similar to my grandmothers, and all I was missing was the turnips and parsnips. I used "No-Yolks" egg noodles, they are great because they maintain their firm, chewy texture, even the next day. This is a great soup recipe!!!

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SkyCandyGirl December 28, 2004

Whole family loved it. I wasn't crazy about the turnips, but it did add great flavor to the broth. I'll make it again, but i'll most likely put some celery in it and skip adding the turnips in it the after the chicken is cooked.

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amawaters January 17, 2011

The Best Chicken Soup I've Ever Had!! The dill really makes the flavors pop. I have even cheated and used chicken broth from a carton and the meat from a store-bought rotisserie chicken on nights when I have little time. Still Fantastic! Thanks, Queen, for this awesome recipe! :)

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Wyldemoon November 28, 2010

Absolutely fantastic! We loved the different twist of having turnips and parsnips in the soup. The only things I changed were: after the stock was done I added 1 tsp grated fresh ginger and 3 cloves finely diced garlic to the second set of veggies for the final cook, and I left out the dill at the end. Mmm!! I WILL make this again, soon.

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Teddy's Mommy November 02, 2009

I haven't tried this yet but only because I don't have any turnips. I think this is going to be so good when I do. I have made soup like this and used rutabaga in it. I never see parsnips here but maybe I will use sweet potatoes as a sub. Thanks for the recipe.

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evegpt October 17, 2009
Magic Soup