Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

This isn't so much a recipe as a tip. Most of us make omelettes the same way: wait until the eggs are nearly cooked, then add cheese, vegetables, meat, etc., counting on the heat of the eggs to heat them, and in doing so unnecessarily overcooking the eggs. If, instead, you cover your egg pan with a pot lid, you can add the omelette filling from the outset and it cooks WITH the eggs, so your omelette's already done at the point where you'd normally add the filling. And get this - you never have to touch a utensil! Try it and I bet you'll never cook an omelette without a lid again.

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  1. Heat a non-stick skillet until butter sizzles.
  2. Scramble eggs; add to skillet (no need to fuss over lifting the solidified edges to let the liquid eggs underneath).
  3. Sprinkle eggs evenly with cheese, ham, chives, salt and pepper (or herbs de Provence, baby spinach, smoked salmon, pre-sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, anything you like).
  4. Cover and cook over low flame until eggs solidify, about 5 minutes.
  5. Slide from skillet to plate, folding omelette in half with edge of skillet.
Most Helpful

Love this recipe. I cooked some bacon & sauteed some chopped vidalia onion that I had in the freezer. I also used mushrooms, sharp cheddar, and baking powder for fluffier eggs. Thank you for a great omelette recipe!

Kelli08 August 08, 2009

LOVE it! This is the only way I make omelettes now! I like to put some salsa across the middle after cooking and roll up, Ihop style! Thanks for sharing!

somebodys_sweet_pea February 05, 2010

This was really yummy as well as foolproof! I changed the serving size to 3, but I still had to make more, as they were really fantastic and a couple of my family members wanted two apiece. I used the idea of pre-sauteeing lots of fresh, sliced mushrooms and chopped onion in a slight coating of bacon grease in my skillet. So ours were bacon, cooked, chopped spinach, mushrooms, onion and lots of sharp cheddar cheese. I also added a couple of drops of tabasco to the eggs while whisking. I used an 8" non-stick pan to make them individually. They were effortless and very easy to slide out and fold over. For some reason, I was craving sour cream and mild green verde salsa on the side and that was a nice companion for dipping. I can't remember the exact time of cooking, but I just kept my eye on them over low heat, covered. Probably 4- 6 minutes. This is definitely a make again! Thanks, Jedley. These were really wonderful.

~~Di~Lo~~ May 31, 2009