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Oh my goodness....these really are "Magic"! I was skeptical about how they would work and totally expected them to need coaxing out of the containers. I just trusted the recipe, put them in for 3 minutes, quickly took them out when done, turned them over on a large plate, and "magic" - I lifted off the baking container and there sat a steaming hot wonderful muffin!
Just a few notes:
1. I really appreciated that Emily told me how much banana I should have once I mashed it. Today when I did it, my bananas were so small that it actually took two bananas to make 1/2 cup.
2. The containers are VERY hot when they are done. Either make sure you have protection for your hands when removing from the microwave & lifting off the plate, OR you can bake them in a large coffee cup and the handle serves as an easy way to take them out and flip them over without burning yourself.
3. Immediately after you dump the muffin out of the baking container, put hot water in the container to soak. Clean up is a breeze when you do this. If you leave the container to clean up later in the day and have not soaked it, it is much harder.
Give these Magic Microwave Muffins a try. I made them without any sugar or sweetner and they were great. My favorite is to add just a sprinkle of raisins to the top before baking! Of course the ultimate is to add chocolate chips to them before baking. However, I am doing a September No-Sugar Challenge, so raisins had to be it today!

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Been There, Baked That September 03, 2010
Magic Microwave Muffin - Sinless Chocolate Banana (Gluten Free)