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This is a great tasting salsa in my opinion. However, I did do things a little differently. I put the garlic and onions in first and used canned diced tomatoes, put those in last. Then threw some oregano, salt and pepper on top of it and then blended it together. About 4 pulses-I like my salsa a little chunky. Turned out great!

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Choochamo April 17, 2011

I agree more tomatos less onion I added garlic salt & garlic powder to mine & def. switch the onion & tomatos around or you will have tomato soup salsa...

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sarisotta_21 September 09, 2009

More Toamatoes Less Onions. Tastes Great Looks Awful

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prestin24 February 24, 2008

I"m giving this 3 stars not because of the taste (the taste is terrific), but because of the consistency. By placing the tomatoes in after the onions, they get processed and I found the onions stayed almost untouched. I will try this again but put the tomatoes in first.

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Mommy Greenest August 24, 2007

I borrowed a Magic Bullet from a friend to make a photo demo in the Kitchen Gadgets forum, here on Food.com. The recipe in my manual differs slightly in amounts from this one here. Most significantly, on the tomatoes. Mine calls for 8-10 cherry tomatoes, however I used grape tomatoes so I upped it to 14 to start. Then I continued to toss a couple more in, then a couple more, and in doing that I ended up using the whole pint. I only gave it 4 stars because I do think it should be heavier on the tomatoes. After increasing those, we really enjoyed the flavor. Unfortunately my photo isn't the prettiest. I was sure that the foamy-look would go away IF the salsa were allowed to sit. I now know why so many of the MB recipes have "6 or 7 -second" in their title. It's not how long it takes to make it, it's how long that dish is going to last when you put it out! My salsa barely made it through the photo shoot! Thanks for posting so many great MB recipes, marisk!

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**Tinkerbell** September 21, 2011
Magic Bullet Seven-Second Salsa