Magic Bullet Powdered Sugar

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I ran out of powdered sugar today and decided to make my own. Since my DD (darling daughter) bought me a Magic Bullet for Christmas I used that to make the sugar. It was fast and so easy and the clean up was a snap. You can use raw cane sugar or plain white sugar for this. I added the extra 1 tablespoon of sugar in this recipe because Zaar wouldn't let me publish this with only one ingredient.


  1. Using the small cup and the cross blade on the magic bullet, fill to about 1/2 capacity with the sugar. Pulse several times until the sugar gets powdery. I counted about 15 seconds. What could be simpler? Use in place of store bought powdered sugar.
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Real powdered sugar has cornstarch added to it. My niece is alergic to corn so until I found this we had to be careful not to use powdered sugar around her. You might want to be cautious using this in recipies that actually need the cornstarch part of the powdered sugar. This is an excellent substitute. Thanks for sharing!

Treenickel August 07, 2009

BE CAREFUL on this one. I have tried the bullet several times for powdered sugar and just let it blend and blend for about 20 seconds straight or so, only to get a nice, fluffy, pile of metal tasting stuff. If you go too long, you get metal... and it tastes gross. Thank you for the tip on using the small cup and pulsing, that seems to be the key.

Christina K. June 30, 2016

OM GOSH!!! It tasted better to me,also. I have a low tolernece to corn,also. AND corn surup is still in almost everything,cept Hunts brands. If I only use the Magic Bullet for this, It is sooo worth it. Put it in the small container,covered with lid..good to go, And shaker lids...WOW,Thanks JOEY...will look at your other recepies!

runshelley October 18, 2012