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While making this dish I felt like I was a college student making this dish on a hot plate. The majority of these ingredients are canned rather than fresh...I think this is the reason I felt this way. Rather than adding all the cheese into the filling, I used half inside the burritos and the other have I sprinkled on top of the burritos to help prevent them from drying out in the cooking process. I also used the smaller flour tortillas in this dish which made them proportionate to the 3 TBS of filling...if you used the larger tortillas with the 3 TBS of filling you would end up with more tortilla than anything else. I felt this way a okay dish, especially if you need to make something fast and quick, I think next time rather then using canned food I will opt to cut and cook the chicken myself, use frozen or fresh corn instead of canned. I also might add rice to the mix and making some homemade refried beans...it felt like it needed a little something more to the filling. I made this for PAC Fall 2009.

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Johnsdeere September 24, 2009
Maggie's Chicken Tortilla Soup Burritos