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I make a recipe just like this one. It is one of my very favorite foods of all time. I love sweet hot foods and Madame's Orange Peel Beef is the reason I first found that out. You can't pass this up if you like sweet/hot. I highly recommend it. The Chinese restaurant I usually get this at also has quite a bit of stir fried green onion in it. Try little bites of the peppers until you decide how much heat you like.

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P.B.&Jayne June 16, 2008

I can't believe that no one has tried and rated this recipe before now. Sandi...this was lovely!!! Fantastic orange flavor, tender beef and just the right amount of sauce. I made some steamed chinese broccoli for a side dish to go along with the orange beef, they balanced each other out perfectly. To anyone who enjoys orange beef...you have to try this recipe! Thanks for a new favorite Sandi.

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Michele in NJ September 27, 2007
Madame's Orange or Tangerine Peel Beef