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I wanted to make some good fudge for Valentines Day gifts this year and found this Mackinac Island fudge recipe. I lived in Michigan for 10 years and frequented Mackinaw Island and the fudge shops there in the summers while I lived there. I have now lived in California for 29 years and thought I had forgotten what Mackinac Island Fudge tasted like but thought I would give this recipe a try."OMG!", was my first thought after tasting it. I do believe it does taste like it and if it doesn't it is still sure to please any fudge lover. This is most definitely a 5 star recipe!

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nocsinwhitesatin February 13, 2013

Very good fudge. I liked the soft, creamy texture, which is why I picked a Mackinac Island recipe. I made peanut butter this time because it's my husband's favorite, but I look forward to trying the chocolate next time! It couldn't eat more than a small piece, but peanut butter isn't my thing. He ate the entire pan in 2 days, so I figure that's indicative of a 5-star rating! Thanks!

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Lucky Clover December 05, 2011

Deja Vu!!!! I have had the pleasure of visiting Mackinac Island when I was a teenager for my aunt's wedding. My family and I had the amazing fudge and bought some to take home. and it didn't make the trip back to Pittsburgh (too good to wait for).... Anyway when I saw this recipe I had to see if it was like I remembered and it is!! I made the chocolate variation and added pecans and drizzled caramel over the top YUM!!! just like the turtle fudge from the island. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!!

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coffy_bean February 15, 2010

This fudge is velvety and oh so incredible. One piece will satisfy that choclate craving and 2 will release seratonin. I also wanted to add that you can beat this by hand instead of mixer, my mixer was dirty so I did what I had to do and it worked wonderfully. Thank you Reelani for one of my top fudge recipes.

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BethHallKelley November 30, 2009

If you like a really really sweet tasting fudge, this would be it. I chose vanilla and now wish I would have added the optional nuts as I felt it was just a tad too sweet for me. And, this being from someone who never thinks anything is tooo rich. I think the combination of both types of sugar and then the added powedered put it over the top. It did get good reviews and so I"m giving it 4 stars. Thanks for posting. And, BTW...I too am from Michigan and about a month ago have Mackinaw Island Fudge. Nothing compares!~

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CoffeeB November 28, 2008

This is THE BEST! I made the vanilla version without nuts to try it out. I can't wait to try the other versions. This fudge is going on all of my Christmas trays this year! I can't recommend it enough! Thanks for posting!

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Heatherly October 23, 2008

My BF was born and raised in Michigan and he would always tell me about the fudge at Mackinaw Island. I just made this fudge last night and when he took his first bite he got this huge grin on his face. He said this tasted just like the fudge he remembered. This isn't as sweet as the fudge I'm used to but really that just means I get to eat more

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Botpol September 02, 2008

I would give more stars if available!!! This was so incredibly easy and so good. I liked the spoon (while hot) and then even got it out a few minutes early from the freezer. Yes...I am eating a piece now. I made chocolate with no nuts. Thank you for posting!!! I want to go back to Mackinac Island just for the fudge, it has been many many years since I have been there and I have craved the fudge ever since...

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knobbyknee May 21, 2007

This has been my go-to for all things fudge, but peanut butter (I have my own recipe for that). It is so versatile. I have used the Duncan-Heinz flavor packs in it to get cool flavors like cherry-vanilla, layered it and made mint-chocolate fudge, thrown candy in it. Very easy, and can do so much with it.

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misslissa 121 November 18, 2014
Mackinac Island Style Fudge