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Great cheesecake! I added a bottom crust of ground up walnuts, unsweetened coconut, Splenda and butter and added some cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter. Then I made a topping (to put on the cooked cheesecake) of chopped apples, cooked until just soft with a sauce using water, cornstarch, a little Splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of ginger. I already had it in a springform pan before I read the part about cooking it in a pan of water, so I omitted that and just baked it. It came out perfectly! A great diabetic dessert.

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Vinca October 05, 2008

Excellent! This is a huge hit every time I make it! Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup works well mixed in, or as a topping.

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PumpKIM September 03, 2008

AWESOME! I was debating between this recipe and another one but I'm so glad that I chose this one! It's so creamy & came out beautifully! I did make it more low fat by subbing with fat free & reduced fat cream cheese as well as fat free sour cream and egg substitute. I also used a chocolate crust & swirled in some raspberry Polaner jelly. We had the whole thing ate in a couple of days! With my brands, I calculated 8 servings at 4WW points. It's so hard to find a "diet" cheesecake that tastes like the real thing. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe that will definitely be a keeper for us!

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Kit Katchen December 16, 2009

Wasn't anything like the reviews. It's a little bitter and the texture was off; like a meringue. It puffed up like a soufflé. Maybe we over whipped it but it just wasn't right. We did use the packets so maybe that was it also?!? Thanks for the recipe - we'll keep looking.

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RehdersCooks January 20, 2015

This cheesecake is perfect. It was authenic thick, rich cheesecake that needed no other embellishment. This is now the go-to recipe for me.<br/><br/>I followed the recipe, but used Truvia granular instead of Splenda. Not the sugar blend, but the new Truvia in a bag that is only stevia & erythritol. You use half the called for measure of sugar in a recipe, so I used 3/4 cup of Truvia. I also added a tiny pinch of kosher salt.<br/><br/>I used a pecan crust & baked this in a spring form pan. It was the most gorgeous cheesecake I've ever made, ever so slightly golden on the top. It sliced easily & was devoured by my family. Didn't taste even remotely low carb or sugar free. You could add strawberries or a chocolate crust I guess, but trust me. It doesn't need embellishment. It's perfect on its own.

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marypatlaver November 14, 2014

very good recipe I would never know it was low carb if i didn't make it myself. :) i made mine with a flaxseed crust with flax seed meal, butter and stevia and coconut extract, I also topped with whipped cream. I feel bad because I made this the night before for dessert tonight and I ended up having a piece for breakfast! I am the only one on low carb so I halved the recipe and it worked out fine.

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Domestic diva mommy4 December 09, 2013

I am so glad that I tried this. I baked it in one of those premade crumb crusts. I used fatfree cream cheese and sour cream so I could enjoy this with as little guilt as possible. Hubby had two huge pieces and hopefully they'll be some left for tomorrow! I will definitely make this again and again. Thanks for posting!

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Noor.Khalid August 02, 2013
Mackie's Low Carb/Sugar Free Cheesecake