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4 3/4 stars. This was pretty delicious for DH, DD (toddler) and I. I think the people who leave out the loomi should not star it unless they get 5 stars as I like the flavour given by the loomi. I used homemade chicken stock instead of chicken bullion cubes, extra virgin olive oil, I peeled my tomato before chopping it, added an extra clove garlic, used a sweet curry powder, Julie's Curry Powder Mix as we dont like hot spicy, therefore I did not add the optional cayenne pepper or chili powder. I used as much sea salt as I needed as I do in all recipes I don't go by salt amounts. I cooked this for DH, DD (toddler) and I with half a chicken cut in pieces and 1 1/4 cups white Basmati rice and half the amount of spices. I served this with Cucumber Yoghurt Salad (Labaan Bil Kiyaar) for a wonderful meal. Made for Think Pink Tag.

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UmmBinat October 05, 2009

Terrific! Made exactly as directed (including dried limes)and thought is was delicious. Didn't try the ketchup, but I did add a few raisins to the rice at the table. I liked the raisins, my husband didn't. A keeper for sure.

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Aunt Kathy April 18, 2009

The saudis have an extremely similar dish to this which they call 'kabsah'. My mom has been making it for years and now I have taken over. My familiy loves it! however we dont eat it with ketchup, we eat it with the traditional accompaniments of Tomato Salsa, Yoghurt, and Salad. Delicious :)

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Nisa May 12, 2007

Ok.....not having the dried limes, I sliced up 2 regular limes & threw them into the chicken broth. NO idea if the flavors are similar. Everyody LOVED the chicken but the kids didn't like the rice. :? I was shocked. Very easy & very delicious!! Mine wasn't too salty - I used Maggi chicken bouillon cubes. The proportions were all perfect & everything cooked perfectly. I think I'll triple this during the summer for guests. :) Made for NA*ME Recipe of the Week.

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Elmotoo February 24, 2008

It was good.I liked it.. but I would recommend adding less salt as it was too salty.

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Russiyah September 25, 2007

This was a really good recipe. I couldn't find loomi at at my local middle eastern market (it's available on the internet), so I substitued the juice of a lime with its zest. Next time I would really like to try it with the loomi. Also, I found it a tad salty with the boullon, so next time I'll probably make it with low sodium chicken broth. Tried it with the ketchup, but preferred it plain:) Paired it with moroccan carrot salad. Thanks for the recipe. I'll definitely make it again.

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muslimah February 17, 2007

Incredible! All you Middle Eastern food lovers out there have got to try this! This was just so easy and delicious (great instructions!); I halved this for the two of us and used 1 1/2 skinless boneless chicken breasts and the optional chilli powder - it does not make the dish hot at all so don't be scared to use it! Everything cooked perfectly in 45 mins and yes we did try in with tomato sauce; my hubby loved it but I prefered yoghurt. Only thing I changed was adding a few tablespoons of lime juice to the stock rather than a dried lime; if anyone knows where you can get such a thing in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne I'd love to know because I'll certainly be making this again - thank you so much for posting!

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currybunny June 28, 2005
Machboos or Fooga (Traditional United Arab Emirates Dish)