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This is essentially the same as the recipe I had posted for crock pot machaca I had posted here 7 years ago, (Beef Machaca), with only extremely minor differences. If I were blind-folded I would not be able to tell them apart in a taste test. I loved the recipe I posted, which was derived from the recipe for beef machaca in Barbara Hansen's cookbook "Mexican Cookery" which I have been wearing the pages out in for about 25 years. I first fell in love with machaca eating taco salads at the old Casa Gallardo restaurant chains, and her recipe was a godsend when I moved away from that restaurant. I love this recipe too, and the little differences work equally well for the machaca. Any way you prepare it, it's a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

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Sue Lau January 18, 2013

This was easy to prepare but not my favorite. It needed more flavoring. It needs more salt and some cumin. We ate it as tostadas last night and then scrabbled eggs with some and made breakfast burritos today. It did taste better the next day. I used all the juice. So It was sitting in it and the salsa in Tupperware all night. I guess it soaked up some flavor.

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seal angel March 14, 2013
Machaca Beef