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I was pretty impressed with this! I was a teensy bit put off by the amount of fat in the meat (before it was cooked), but I simmered the meat yesterday afternoon and allowed it to chill until this morning due to time constraints. I skimmed the solidified fat, removed all the "sketchy parts" lol, and pulled the beef into chunks. I used a poblano for the chile pepper, but also ended up adding one diced serrano because DH likes the extra heat. I served this with some leftover red chile sauce and Monterey Jack polenta (reserved from another meal which had no leftover meat), then used fresh pico de gallo as a condiment. VERY good! I think my next use for the little bit of leftover meat is going to be burritos. I'd definitely make this one again, thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 08 :)

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Muffin Goddess April 18, 2008

This was excellent! Added two Tablespoons of Chipotle and family made burritos with it! This is a keeper!

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Big Sis October 22, 2012

yummy authentic and sooooo good! i'm trying it with chipotle in adobo today for a smoky beef burrito!! gotta love it!!

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Kathiecooks!! November 03, 2009

I was looking for a machaca recipe to replace the one I lost years ago. This one was close, and is very good. I cooked the meat ahead of time and chilled it so I could take off the congealed fat. Used more garlic and chiles to suit our taste. The recipe doesn't talk about cutting up or shredding the meat. I left it in big chunks to simmer it, then pulled it into smaller pieces after it cooled. The smaller pieces then broke down into shreds when heated with the tomatoes, chile, etc.

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aprilrain8265 July 27, 2014
Machaca (Authentic Mexican Shredded Beef)