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Tonight I decided to try cooking something with Feta cheese (a new item for me). I ran across this recipe during my search of "Feta cheese" recipes. I served this with [recipe=21012]Greek Salad[/recipe] and [recipe=36736]Greek Meatballs[/recipe]. My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. Initially my husband commented that it was rather bland, but apparently the flavor grew on him. He ended up going back for seconds. I reduced the recipe to 1/3 and ended up with left-overs, which my husband has declared will be great for supper tomorrow night. The mildness of this dish went really well with the strong flavors of the salad and meatballs. Thank you for sharing this recipe with me Miss Annie!

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Cindy Lynn September 05, 2002

This mild dish is great served with stronger flavored Greek dishes. I served mine topped with Tish's Chicken Athena Chicken Athena. They were wonderful together!

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islandgirl77551 March 29, 2006

Yuck. This dish has no flavor. I made it for a supper club I'm in when our theme was Greek Food. It wasn't a hit to say the least. With all the fat in it, as soon as it started to cool off, it solidified. I didn't even try to save some for leftovers. It's kind of an expensive dish (1 lb. of feta cheese isn't cheap!) so I recommend making mac & cheese instead! It costs less and tastes a whole lot better.

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jkj1112 January 26, 2004
Macaroni Pastitsio with Feta Cheese