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Normally, I wouldn't rate this recipe, because I've been making it for YEARS! However, after reading the other review, I decided to rate it and to note that we enjoy the recipe very much. Of course, I use regular pork bacon (the recipe needs the richness of the pork). In fact, I would imagine that the turkey bacon is the culprit here, so if anyone is thinking of preparing this, save up your fat calories and use the real deal - not the lower fat turkey bacon!

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Wineaux January 25, 2007

I'm sorry, but we just didn't like this recipe. It could be because of the type of tomato soup we used. It was the store brand as opposed to Campbell's or some other name brand, and we used turkey bacon, (which I normally like) because it has so much less fat. It seemed very bland so I tried adding some worcestershire sauce, like I read about in other macaroni beef recipes on this site, and also threw in some cheese but neither seemed to help much. My husband and I ate it, it wasn't horrible, but my 10 yr. old daughter who usually eats almost anything didn't like it. I almost didn't write a review at all because I hate to say something negative about someone else's recipe. I really don't want to hurt the chef's feelings! Different taste buds is all. Someone else may really enjoy this as Dee-licious' family did growing up. It just wasn't for us. Thanks for posting anyways.

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Debi_Green January 24, 2007
Macaroni Beef