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After being married 13 years my DH has dubbed this the best thing I have ever tried from this website - a VERY big compliment! My cooking time was longer and I used Josephine pears. Makes lots, I got 12 slices. I will be making this again. Made for ZWT French leg, The Fearless Red Dragons.

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cookingpompom July 26, 2012

This was a big hit at my Easter table and was definitely unique, to boot! As long as you love ginger, you will be a fan. This dessert is surprisingly not that sweet, but packs a lot of flavor punch. This was not very quick for me, though. It took quite a while for the pears to carmelize (let alone peel them), and I also had to grind the almonds and mince the ginger (which takes some time since it is so sticky). But, the effort was worth it, and I am so glad you shared your tante's recipe.

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JackieOhNo! April 25, 2011

I agonized over making this because it is NOT even close to being in my dietary guidelines, but I am glad I did. I don't mind "being bad" if the culprit is worth it, and this is definitely worth it. Such rich flavors and so easy. The hardest part was peeling the pears. I didn't have pear brandy so used Courvoisier. The servings are listed as 4, but this actually would serve 10 since it is so rich, just a small slice is needed. And since I had smaller servings, I don't feel so guilty about the calories and fat and sugar! :) This will be a "special occasion" recipe for me. Tell your aunt thanks for such a great dessert!

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Outta Here August 29, 2009

Completely utterly outstanding! Not too sweet but entirely luscious.

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BarbryT March 22, 2010
Ma Tante's Caramelized Pear & Ginger Tart