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Very authentic considering it came from Cooking Light. People that dont like tofu will eat this one up. My mom used to make this for us on those quick dinner nights where she was tired from work. She would pair it with stir fry baby bok choy. We all loved it. The only thing she would add is about 1 teaspoon of sugar to balance out the savory/soy sauce/oyster sauce. She also used water instead of chicken broth. One more thing I would recommend is to be sure to follow the instruction and cut the tofu into 1/2 X 1/2 inch squares. This way they will absorb the delicious sauce; otherwise, most would not like a big chunk of tofu. Other than that, I remember the ingredients to be the same as my mom's.

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YungB December 19, 2009

Really liked this. Made with 1lb of ground pork and about 10 oz. of rsff chicken broth. Came out very well. Will definitely make this again.

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Rodney B. November 25, 2008

I made this recipe on a hot Sunday afternoon, and it was fantastic with a glass of crisp white wine. Due to a limited cupboard, and an overwhelming desire NOT to run to the grocery store, I left out the oyster sauce, and substituted lean ground turkey for the pork. I also used a bit of flour instead of cornstarch as a thickener. For some additional crunch, I chopped up 3 sticks of celery and added it with about 2 minutes left to cook. I'll definitely cook this again, and would serve it to friends for a casual dinner. With wine.

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sarahLP May 04, 2015

I used leftover pork that I diced up and pickled ginger, as that is what I had, otherwise followed the recipe. It was good, but a touch salty for me. Thanks for sharing! Made for Name that Ingredient tag game.

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pammyowl July 20, 2013

This was delicious!!! I picked this recipe to get my DH to eat tofu and with the pork he really did enjoy this. I added some more broth for more of a sauce and served with rice pilaf and snow peas. Definately a keeper! Thank you for posting. Made for the Spring 2013 Diabetic Forum.

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mama smurf July 16, 2013

Great recipe, everyone loved it! We added snow peas as suggested by another reviewer and doubled the chili garlic sauce. Even though I am a wimp and prefer mild foods I was able to eat (and enjoy!) it. Served over Jasmine rice. Great flavor, thanks for sharing!

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Ophiael February 23, 2013

We've made this twice so far. The first time we thought it had promise, but wasn't spicy enough. We don't have chili-garlic sauce in Oz though, so had to wing it. It was nice enough to give a second go with some tweeking. Second time added more chilli in the form of Sambal Olek, much nicer. We will however try for a third time with a little more spice - can't help us chilli lovers. We are just venturing into the world of tofu, so thanks for a nice introduction :)

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The Normans April 23, 2011

Really, really good. I ate too much! My BF thought it was great and he doesn't eat tofu that often. I made this as written swapping pork for ground chicken. I know pork is the traditional way to go with this dish but I just don't eat it. The chicken worked out great. I was out of brown rice so I used jasmine and served with stir-fried snow peas. Thank you for posting, don't see how I missed this one in my collection of Cooking Light magazines...guess that's the beauty of Zaar:-)

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carmenskitchen January 27, 2010

This was a delicious lower carb meal. I doubled the pork and I think that's a good pork to tofu ratio. Next time I'll make a double batch with two packages of tofu and 1 lb pork because we loved it so much. Hubby enjoyed his like a lettuce wrap and I had mine over brown rice. I used 2 t chili sauce and next time I'd use double it for more spice. I also added some mushrooms at the same time as the tofu, I will do that again.

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Demandy March 08, 2009
Ma Po Tofu (From Cooking Light)