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I made this recipie. It is delicious. Definitely add the vanilla. The way I avoided melting the M and M's was to cool my quart pan containing the melted marshmallows and butter and vanilla and cereal in a cool bath of water. It cooled more even and I was able to add the candy without melting them. The mixture was a little more stuff but this definitely avoided the melting candy and they turned out perfect. I put some candy aside and placed them on top when I was done putting the mixture in the pan to cool.

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ktrock739 February 21, 2016

Followed the directions exactly. waited only a few minutes and the M&M's melted and looked terrible.

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brookermans May 25, 2014

Great recipe! The vanilla makes ALL the difference to the taste! The Rice Krispies recipe (on the box) never contained this ingredient--big mistake!. And, no joke about waiting a few minutes to stir in the M&Ms. They do melt. I found that I didn't need or want all the M&Ms called for, so no problem if you have fewer than you need.<br/><br/>I double this batch, and make half plain (no M&Ms) and the other half with the M&Ms. By the time you get the plain batch pressed into the pan (and do spray a little PAM on the waxed paper before using it to press the mixture into the pan), the rest is cooled down just enough to put in the M&Ms without melting them all.<br/><br/>I also save about 1/4 cup of M&Ms to press lightly into the top of the batch once the mixture is in the pan. This makes it look that much more festive!<br/><br/>Also, be sure to use those pretty pastel M&Ms in the springtime! ; )

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Sedonass March 14, 2013
M&M Rice Krispies Treats