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Fresh and simple, from the garden to plate! Amazing recipe with great textures and fantastic tastes! Simple and perfect, the flavours of the tomatoes and dressing go together so well. I served with basil, chives, and parsley all fresh from the garden and dried oregano. This is just a wonderful recipe. Simple, easy with fantastic flavvours. Thanks F.T/F.S for another great recipe!

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Tisme February 26, 2010

Delicious, and so pretty! DH in particular was taken with this salad. I used a selection of different cherry tomatoes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, cut in halves or quarters. I served it with Traditional English Pub Style Ploughman's Lunch. I used a lot of fresh basil on it, as well as a generous amount of fresh pepper. Thanks so much for sharing, FT! Made for the French Tart Cookathon in the Everyday is a Holiday tag game.

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Halcyon Eve July 23, 2009

Soooo! So good, fresh, simple and delicious. Made as written using a mix of fresh heirloom tomatoes, sea salt, garlic and basil. Thanks so much not just for the post but also for teaching us a new technique in tomato perpetration. There is nothing not to love about this recipe. Will be making aging and aging.

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Debbwl July 04, 2009

I am all for enjoying the simple things in life and this recipe is exquisite. I used cherry and grape tomatoes. I could platefuls of this day after day...oh, and be sure to have some good, crusty bread - the tomato juices that puddle in the dish are divine. I took French Tart's advice and grilled some chevre to serve alongside and I was very, very happy.

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evelyn/athens May 28, 2009

Couldn't improve on the photos here, but this bruschetta was really outstanding! I made with FT's Can-Can Canapés! Boursin Baguette Bruschetta because I thought it would be an excellent foil to this recipe (even with the cherry tomatoes here), and I was not disappointed. Made with 1 heirloom tomato (yellow and red), 1 vine ripened tomato and several grape tomatoes. Reduced the oil to save some cals. Did not have purple basil, but used plenty of regular to great effect. Too, too yummy.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend May 26, 2009

It's true, the simple things in life are the best! Fresh is the key word here and fresh my tomatoes were! Some were picked fresh from the garden and cut while still warm from the sun. I could go on, but won't. Thanks so much! Made for the Australian Swap#20.

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Sharon123 September 07, 2008

Just the perfect mixture of wonderful tastes and the obvious medley of the tasteful, amazing, tomato. Very easy to put together, and you get a million dollar taste for the small amount of prep. Oh the pleasure of sitting down to a plate of summer tomatoes and looking forward to next year when I will be doing the same. I used all types of tomatoes, except; I didn't have yellow ones. Not to matter, all the tastes & textures worked out perfectly and I followed this exactly. The mixture of fresh oregano, the fresh garlic, and salt was really terrific, and the crowning pinnacle was the tomato itself, ripened from the warmth of the summer days and summer nights. This was perfect, and will use this often, FT. Nothing else I can say would do justice to this wonderful recipe. Thanks for posting it, FT!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm September 02, 2008
Méli-Mélo:a Muddle and Medley of Heirloom Tomatoes