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I steamed the clams open, and then broke off the shell without the meat. I used an orange pepper because that is all they had at the store. Well, this was fantastic! Clams are my favorite food and I wished I did not have to share! I will make this many times this summer!! The Worcestershire sause really makes the difference! Thanks!

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susie cooks June 25, 2006

Thank you so much for this delicious recipe. Being from Long Island and a family of clammers, clams were pretty much an everyday things. we had them every which way, but Clams Casino was always my favorite! Your recipe is quick easy and by far the tastiest. I was confused regarding a poster stating that someone could get food poisoning. when a clam "dies" it opens, and stays open. sometimes a clam will open and if you push it closed and it stays closed, it's still alive, but if it springs back open, then it's dead. never had a clam that stayed closed after cooking...ever...thought that wierd..anyhow...delicious! Well done and thanks for sharing!

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ItalianMomof2 December 21, 2007

Well, you gave the recipe to everyone, so you are not violating your promise exactly. Where I come from, you cook the clams and discard any that don't open completely because they are dead and no one knows when the they met their demise. Anyone eatiing clams prepared from this recipe might not die, but they could get food poisoning. This recipe is probably delicious, given the ingredients, but I won't use it as published. Do not eat clams that did not open on their own while cooking.

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brianl February 20, 2005
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