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Typically, my husband is not a great fan of gazpacho. But, for health reasons I made this recipe and he absolutely loved it! Now we make it all the time and it has become one of our regular meals.

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Lynn Amabile October 17, 2002

This is by far the best Gazpacho I have every tried. The combination and amounts of each ingredient is a perfect blend. I followed Mirjam's lead and served it with scrambled eggs the next morning. (Great suggestion, Mirjam!) Thanks again Leah K for sharing this great recipe. I will be making this dish again. :-)

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Merlot October 28, 2002

Like Lynn, my BH also is not a fan of gazpacho, he won't eat any kind of cold soup. Tough noogies on him, I made this for myself. and like Leah, found myself having it for breakfast! I even added a splash to my scrambled eggs and they were heavenly! I fried up some garlic croutons and crushed them over the soup, yowza!

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Mirj October 20, 2002

This recipe is an excellent base for tasty gazpacho but is a little on the bland side for my taste. The changes I made were as follow: 1) I removed the skin from the tomatoes as others have suggested, though not the seeds because it would also remove too much liquid. 2) I added about 2T of worcestershire sauce, as someone else her suggested. 3) I added fresh celery and kosher salt, rather than celery salt. 3) I used 3 garlic cloves. 4) I added a couple of jalapenos which weren't turned out to be not all that hot but gave the soup a nice green fleck. 5) For heat, I added Sambal Olek, one of my all time favorite things to use to add just heat and not salt and vinegar. 6) I doubled the lemon juice. 7) I added 4 corn tortillas to the processor that I'd let soak in the pureed tomatoes for a bit. I have a Pampered Chef chopper which makes the vegetables a nice, really finely chopped consistency. I preferred this to the more chunky style gazpacho, so I left a bit of all the veggies out of the processor to chop them. It was more time consuming but the result was really beautiful.

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darhosta May 03, 2010

My Husband LOVES Gazpacho, I REALLY don't care for Gazpacho at all,BUT,this is VERY good. I think I will try some with scrambled eggs like Mirjam Dorn said. Thank you Leah for posting Lynn's Recipe.;)

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Barb Gertz November 04, 2002

45 years ago my sister returned from school in Spain and made Gazpacho for the family. I took one look at that lumpy, cold soup and KNEW I did not like it. Have never tried it since - until this recipe! OH MY GOSH have I missed out! This was wonderful - full of flavor, refreshing, and super easy. What could be better? This will become a regular summer meal at my house! (and she can say "I told you so!")

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JWS August 03, 2013

Easy and soo delicious! So refreshing, especially with the mint, all natural ingredients so its a family friendly receipe! I left the mint in the bottles in the fridge so it infused! Making this again and again!

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Voulino July 20, 2013

Excellent recipe - endless options for variation! I added a jalapeno, and diced radishes to the soup (not as garnish). This will be a standard for me - great way to use abundant tomatoes, and it freezes well!

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Carianne June 11, 2012

Simple and easy and oh so yummy!!! I halfed the recipe and made this in my VITAMIX and it was full to the top. I did not half the garlic, red pepper or the onion. Nor did I peel the tomatoes as it is not required in my Vitamix and it purees everything so well. It was yummy right off the bat without letting it sit in the fridge for 3 hours. But, I did let it sit as recommended. Authentic gazpacho does not use carrots and has red wine vinegar and bread. This is wonderful lighter version that is great for weight watchers.

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Dizzyfreedom April 19, 2012

I made this for a party on a HOT evening in Texas and everyone loved it - very refreshing and light. Recipe is very easy - I did add a bit of time to the preparation time because I peeled and seeded the tomatoes - personal choice. I served with a couple of complimenting salads and steamed corn tortillas - very easy meal. Before adding the final salt and pepper, etc. be sure that the soup has set for awhile as the flavor enhances and blends, and you might not need anymore. Thanks, Lynn it was GREAT! This was my first attempt at Gazpacho!

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MaryContrary June 07, 2003
Lynn's Famous Gazpacho