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I'd always admired your photo for this recipe so when I craved a fish pie I knew which recipe I"d make! I used salmon, cod, and shrimp. I added a few min. to my prep by cooking each fish separately in my pressure cooker, as I thought the salmon would overtake the other fish flavors. The combo of fish really reminded me of decadent lobster! I only had American cheese but it was smooth and creamy in the potatoes. I omitted the gherkins and add a couple chopped hard boiled eggs (the eggs went great!). Even though there's a fair amount of steps in the recipe it is straight-forward and goes smoothly. It made a large casserole and my husband and I loved having the leftovers (reheats great in micro). Thanks so much A & A's mum for another great recipe.

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Roxygirl in Colorado June 04, 2011

5 excellent stars ! I made this using both some cheaper blocks of frozen fish that needed using plus some fresh cod, and what are called cocktail shrimp here, which are kind of middle-sized ones. Since DH is the only scallop eater in this house I left those out and used home made vegetable stock, but for the rest followed the recipe to the letter. Ok.. maybe there was a bit more than 50g cheddar thrown in there on top. DH isn't a huge gherkin fan but loved this... I love gherkins and loved this! The combination of flavours was excellent and I will be serving this to guests soonest. Do take your time making the sauce, when I put in the flour everything lumped up in the first instance but slow and methodical stirring with a good whisk solved everything soon enough. Unil now I have only ever made rosti by grating raw potatoes, so this was a new twist, I decided to skip the hand grater and used the grating cutter on the food processor instead: result more like very rough mash.. but tasted fine. I'm not sure how well cooked potatoes would have really grated anyway. Since it all ends up covered in cheddar I doubt that it really matters too much in the end and I'll use the food processor next time too. Please see my rating system: a wonderful 5 stars for an impressively tasy dish. DO use the best fish or veggie stock you can, I'm sure it adds mega flavour to this kind of recipe. To be repeated... soon ! Thanks.

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kiwidutch April 18, 2007

Brilliant ! Such a rich but tasty bake, perfect with freshly steamed green beans and peas!<br/><br/>I used haddock for the white fish and it worked really well. I also added a couple of pickled onions, sliced , and this added a bit more tartness to the occasional bites.

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Veronique H. May 05, 2014

Excellent recipe - thank you! I used cod, salmon and prawns. Left out the cream as felt the sauce was rich enough already. Cheated & used a pack of rosti from Waitrose (UK supermarket) which I mixed with grated parmesan. Served with sweetcorn and petit pois.

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Tina and Dave February 01, 2010

This was delicious. I used a slightly different mix of seafood-400g fresh crab meat, 200g cod, 250g prawns and 200g lobster meat-basically what I had in the freezer. I added peas, corn and green onions to the mix to make it a one pan dish then served it with a salad.

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JustJanS September 09, 2008

Excellent casserole! I cut the recipe in half, used frozen sole and omitted the scallops. The shrimp used were small ones as they were on sale. Who would have thought that pickles (used Strubb's Kosher Dills) would go so well with seafood. Thanks for posting.

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Dreamer in Ontario May 25, 2008

We really enjoyed this dish, though I think I will buy myself a ricer to do the potatoes (it took quite a while to grate them) - all up just over to 2 hours to prepare and cook (though expected to take a little longer than stated with it being the first time I have made it). Made 6 serves (2 of us having left overs for lunch today). Thank you Aaliyah's mum for a keeper.

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I'mPat April 21, 2007
Luxury Fish Pie With Cheesy Potato Rösti Topping