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I made this curd last night and found it here while doing a search before posting it. It is delicious! I didn't end up using any lemon juice--that was just my taste and since I'm layering it on a lemon cake, I didn't feel like it needed additional lemon flavor. Definitely use a coarse strainer, if I had tried to use my fine strainer I would have been at it all night. I never would have thought to make a raspberry curd, but it is delicious! Smooth and tart, with a velvety richness. I may never eat raspberry jam again! I hope I have some leftover so I can spread on toast or biscuits. Thanks for posting!

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Mommy2two April 30, 2011

Very good recipe. Rich and thick. The fresh raspberries I purchased were not sweet at all so instead of lemon juice, I used orange juice. Really intensified the raspberry flavor.

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Algertha T. December 18, 2013

I made this as a filling for a birthday cake and it is tart and buttery and delicious. I've never had raspberry curd before and now I want to make all kinds. So the flavor is wonderful, but mine does not have the beautiful color that yours has. Mine has a slightly grayish cast, and I googled that issue, but could find no answer. It's not a huge deal. I will definitely make this again.

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megarachnid June 28, 2013
Luscious Raspberry Curd