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This cheesecake was HEAVENLY. :) Soo yummy, I would definitely make it again. I am not even a big fan of lemon but it has just the right amount. And in combination with the raspberries, it is just perfect! When I made the crust it seemed like way too much, way too thick, but just trust it-when it is all done, it is just perfect.

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Alyssa.Rae April 13, 2011

cant say i made the cheesecake, but i made the raspberry sauce for pancakes and it was awesome. I do hope to make the cheesecake in the future though, it sounds awesome!

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I Can't Believe It's Healthy May 13, 2011

Made this as dessert for a dinner party last night. It was a little bit of heaven! So light and fluffy. The (nearly) perfect blend between tart and sweet. I think next time I will add a little extra lemon, but that's just me. My husband and kids and company all thought it was perfect. And the raspberry sauce is so wonderful that I made some extra to have on ice cream later this week. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I've already passed it on to a number of people.

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LuvMyLittleGirls June 09, 2010

I made this cheesecake for a fun get together with friends. Overall, it was well liked by everyone. However, if I were to make it again I would make some changes. The crust was way to hard and thick for a cheesecake. I might opt for a graham cracker crust next time. I added the two Tbsp. of Lemon juice, the juice from the lemon that I used to get the lemon zest, and then another Tbsp. of lemon juice. I found this to be a great amount of lemon flavor, my friends however, had their taste buds "zinged". I also thought the raspberry sauce could use a little more sugar for my taste buds. Overall, it was yummy.

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michelle July 14, 2008

This had the high honor (snicker) of being my birthday cake this year, and it was loved by all!(3 of us!)A truly wonderful cheesecake, and the sauce complimented the lemon flavor perfectly. I made it as directed - and did add the extra lemon juice. This just may become a tradition! Thanks!

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HEP MEP April 28, 2006
Luscious Lemon Cheesecake With Raspberry Sauce