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This recipe rocks! So much more effective than a store bought scrub, and just the right consistency - not too watery, not too crumbly. It's the perfect thing for giving waxed/epilated legs the super-smooth, ingrown-free feel that normally you can only get from shaving. I've made it a few times and learned a few things from experimenting: 1) Flatter-grained salt, like kosher salt, works better and is gentler than the more round sea salt, but definitely don't use table salt, as I think it's the combination of the different sugar/salt textures that makes this work so well. 2) I like to swap the lotion for a cleanser so it's like an all-in-one scrub/shower gel. 3) I thought epsom salts might be good to use for the salt since they have soothing properties, but they turn into a rock after a day.

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briosgaid September 19, 2008
Luscious Legs