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This recipe appears to be for "fresh lumpia" with bamboo shoots (Labong). That means it does require "special" Filipino lumpia skins, but the other option is rice paper skins slightly softened in warm water for a few seconds, and would make them much more like Vietnamese spring rolls. There's a recipe for the fresh lumpia skins on recipezaar (Fresh Lumpia). The lettuce is used to protect the delicate wrappers, which are almost like crepes, from breaking because of the filling. Wrapping them with parchment paper makes them much easier to pick up and eat. I love fresh lumpia as it's the only thing at my family feasts that's usually pretty healthy :), though the meats and fried food are delicious. I actually like the combo of stuffings more in this than what I usually make. Jicama is a nice addition sometimes too though. I used ground pork instead of diced pork. Shredded roast pork would have been the best though.

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MC Baker May 28, 2008

Some of the ingredients included in this recipe are new to me and I am anxious to try them. For dipping sauce, mine is made up of 2 parts soy to 1 part vinegar with lots of minced garlic. I have tried different vinegars, with cider and rice wine both tasting best to me. My neighbors love it so I gave it out last year instead of cookies.

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newburyuk December 31, 2008

This was a big rave at our dinner party last night. Everyone loved them. I did fry them. I also got help on how to roll from the website: http://www.yumsugar.com/128657 since i was all new to this. It took me about 10 tries, but i finally got the hang of it. Some of the wraps i doubled up on, to provide more stability. Everyone loved it!

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Faithberry78 September 10, 2008

I now see three ways to enjoy these: in uncooked wrappers; fried with an open end; and as we are accustomed to doing, fried as a tightly rolled and sealed spring roll. Although we still prefer the last, I am not qualified to say what might be "authentic," so I tried all three ways and found all three delicious and pleasantly messy. The filling is great, and the sauce is sweet and new to me. This recipe is somewhat labor-intensive and should be taken on by someone who doesn't mind or outright enjoys the project... like me.

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Lavender Lynn May 28, 2008

I love filipino lumpia ! It's a yummy recipe and great to serve as finger food too. These spring rolls can be filled with ground beef and pork, served with sweet and sour pork. Yum!

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maris8 August 25, 2007

i don't see any reason that is called philippine lumpia skins, when in fact its a Chinese ....recipe...lumpia is a minnan delicacy....same with palabok...same ingredient are added or change but I don't think its a Philippine delicacy..don't get offended I'm just giving the fact....

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lubenoit February 12, 2007

Well, I am going to rate this 4 stars, with an explaination! I made this recipe exactly as written, it was easy to prepare with well written instructions. But when it came time to eating it, we just really did not enjoy the raw lumpia skins. They were a little too doughy for us. (That COULD be because I could only find the thicker skins.) So I ended up frying them in a little oil, it only took a couple of minutes longer, and after frying they were FANTASTIC!! Please see my rating system on my about me page. I would make this again, but with the revision of frying the rolls, as we really, really enjoyed them that way. This recipe made 15 rolls!! Thanks for a great recipe Bayhill, I will be making this again. I will post pictures of the fried and the non-fried for you!

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~Leslie~ August 17, 2006
Lumpia-Stuffed Wrappers (Lumpia Labong)