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Wow this is wonderful! I made this for a co-worker who requested a chocolate chess pie for her birthday. I was worried when I was making it that it wouldn't come out but in the end it was fine. I was positive it was going to overflow in the oven because it was so full in the crust but (fortunately!) that didn't happen. I did have to bake it longer though because after 45 minutes it was pretty jiggly in the center. I baked for 8 more minutes and it was still jiggly so added 5 more minutes - looked good at this point. Once cooled the texture was perfect. I just noticed that I used large eggs not extra large so don't know if that added to my difficulties. The only change I made was to use 1 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips for the German sweet chocolate. Thanks so much for the recipe Molly! -Apr 7, 2008. Update: I made two more of these for a fund raiser yesterday and used the extra large eggs this time - they came out MUCH better; I didn't have to bake them nearly as long (45 min for one, 48 for the other).) This time I used bittersweet chocolate and they were surprisingly super chocolatey. Thanks again for the recipe!

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flower7 November 05, 2008

This is a great chocolate chess pie. I made one earlier in the month and halved the sugar, it came out great. I'm about to make another one right now for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I'm leaving all the sugar in this time...

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Chocolate Covered Mimz November 23, 2011

Admittedly, taste is very subjective but this taste like Coco Wheats Cereal to me. IF I make this again, I would make major changes starting with the type & amount of chocolate.

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foodie January 25, 2013
Luby's Cafeteria Chocolate Chess Pie