Lox Eggs Benedict for Manbeasts

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

What does one do when you want bagels and lox and your stubborn manbeast insists on Eggs Benedict? You make this and tell him to shut up.

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  1. Toast bagels. Make more noise than necessary so your manbeast knows you are totally irritated.
  2. Spread cream cheese on the four bagel halves.
  3. Layer on top of cream cheese the lox slices.
  4. Place one poached egg on top of lox slices.
  5. Pour Hollandaise sauce (I use this simple recipe Recipe #156420) over all.
  6. Garnish with fresh chopped dill.
  7. Smugly serve with attitude and tell manbeast to shut up.
  8. Note: Of course this is much higher in fat than the nutritional analysis indicates because of the butter in the hollandaise sauce.