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I skipped the 2/3 cup sugar just to reduce the calories. I did add the brown sugar. I can see why most people would probably prefer to add in all of the sugar but the bars were still good without the 2/3 cup sugar. I am sure that they are out of this world with the sugar but still good without.

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Megan from Chicago December 19, 2008

This bar was good. Mine turned out a little bit dry, but the flavor was still good. I also did not use coconut, so I will next time! This bar is also more like a cake.

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Purdy Good Cook July 10, 2005

These tasted pretty good but unfortunately they came out really dry. I baked these for exactly 23 minutes but should have watched it more closely as another reviewer suggested. I also used 1/2 sugar and 1/2 splenda but otherwise did not stray from the recipe ingredients. The bar looks goey and rich in the picture but mine ended up much drier looking and the chocolate chips and nut topping did not adhere to the top and fell off when we tried to bite into one. Nevertheless I will be making these again but will watch them more closely next time, and it may be the type of bar that is even better if you take it out when it is slightly underdone. This really does taste good and I would recommend anyone to try it, especially since it has such wholesome ingredients.

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shimmerchk May 30, 2005

I knew when I saw the photo, I'd be making these soon! These were outstanding bars, starting with the extra-delicious dough to the dense but tender baked texture. I don't usually like Raisin Bran in muffins, but here all the grains blend together and you'd never know it was in it. I mostly loved that there was butter (didn't have marg.) and applesauce,and sugars since I'd never make a non-fat baked good. I think it's a great crossover for every eater; even my daughter who does not like oatmeal cookies at all, could not tell there was oatmeal in it. Make sure your toothpick comes out clean, since mine browned a little early which made it a little tricky to figure out when done. I made two batches back to back they were so good!Thanks for posting. Roxygirl in Colo.

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Roxygirl in Colorado May 18, 2005

These are Fabulous!! I didn't have coconut on hand when I made these but look forward to adding it in next time. (and there will definately be a next time!) My friends thought I bought these at a little specialty bakery.~I hope that was a compliment(?!?) This is a nice snack when you want...something; but not too sweet, but chocolatey and a bit crunchy. This is what you're craving. Try it!

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Koolio April 23, 2005

My new favorite 'comfort food'. I subbed 1/2 the sugar with spenda and 1/2 the margarine with lighter bake... it turned out fantastic. More cake-like than bar-like - but it was perfect for me!

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AKillian24 April 16, 2005
Lower-Fat Peanut Chocolate Chip Trail Bars