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This was pretty good, but I made the mistake of under-cooking it. No worries since it doesn't contain egg, but I will try not to make that mistake again since the bottom third or so was not very tasty. Granted, that was my fault - just a warning to others to not be overly cautious in trying not to overcook it. However, the top was surprisingly good, and I actually liked the sponginess. I think it would have been REALLY good with whipped cream and maybe some fudge sauce. (But then it wouldn't be low fat, would it?) If I hadn't undercooked it, and if I had had whipped cream to put on top, I think this recipe may have gotten five stars. I will try it again and get back to you with some stars when I do.

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Ransomed by Fire December 12, 2010

I substituted soy milk for skim and two packets of truvia for the baking splenda. It came out delicious!

Perfect with a glass of soy milk and satisfies that desire for cake while only making one serving. Like the original recipe the cakes here is very spongy. It is very moist and can really be enjoyed sans topping in my opinion.

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trashheap December 04, 2010
Lower Fat and Calorie Version of Microwave Mug Cake #322553