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I made these with my 13yr old daughter in an effort to get her more excited about eating healthier. They were quite good, reminded us very much of a Snackwell's Devil's Food cookie. We used a 50/50 wheat/white flour blend because that's what we had. Definitely made the texture a bit grittier but I didn't mind since it reminded me as I ate one that these were HEALTHY-ish cookies so I didn't have to feel bad. I couldn't find sugar-free chocolate chips so I used a dark chocolate bar made with Splenda which I found in the diabetic section of my grocery store. One 3oz bar equaled exactly 1/2 cup. The dough was a bit sticky and hard to flatten so I chilled it between batches and that helped a lot. I made just under 3 dozen but we had sneaked a bit of batter to taste and that's why we were short cookie or two. Quick tip about keeping them soft...if you store a piece of loaf bread with your cookies, it will harden instead your cookies. I have no clue as to the science behind this, but it does work! Thanks for posting!

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little_wing March 16, 2007

The flavor is good, the texture and body of the cookie is not. They very obviously do not taste like regular cookies. I was surprised that mine seemed a bit grainy; I did use brown sugar not Splenda.

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J-Lynn August 01, 2010

Yummers!!! These are exceptional cookies. It is like having a little piece of chocolate cake but better!! So moist and flavorful! These gems pack a punch of goodness! DS loved them with a glass of milk too! Just a hint - remove them from the baking sheet within a minute and you'll have no problems... but wait too long and they stick a little. Received 28 cookies using a small cookie scoop. Thanks Toni! Made to celebrate the Summer Spectacular Event in the cooking tag games forum July 2009.

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HokiesMom July 06, 2009

Exceptionally addictive. These are cake like and have enough chocolate to mellow my cravings. I, being a sweet tooth, didn't substitute the sugar or butters-the fatter the better I say. I like to apply a yummy cookie frosting to the tops. Now that I have Agave sweetener I will try it in place of the brown sugar.

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marissawhall March 14, 2008

This was so good it should be illegal lol. Could hardly tell these were low sugar cookies. Will be adding this to my list of favorites so i can make them over and over again. Thanks.

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Bluenoser January 23, 2007
Low Sugar Double Chocolate Chip Cookies