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This recipe was amazing! They come out of the oven extremely soft, and stay that way. A great low cholesterol recipe, that tastes good... AMAZING!

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Sunshine D January 27, 2004

This recipe is SUPERB! I have a friend with Lyme's Disease; he cannot have a lot of sugar, and he LOVES these! I've made the recipe several times and usually triple my batches because they go so quickly. My 16 yr. old SUGAR FREAK loves them, too, so this is a special favorite. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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Tina Howe June 24, 2004

I gave these cookies 5 stars because I love them. My husband doesn't but more for me. This is because I have a very German Norweigean family and as you can imagine, fattening sugary food have been passed down. I'm a Diabetic, I can no longer eat those things. So...I find them awesome, and more for me! I do want to say that this does not make 36 cookies when you choose 36. I'd say more like 24. Even with a medium Pampered Chef cookie scooper I always use. Plus beware, these feel almost like a cake cookie...if you've ever had those, there are light and moist.

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Rachael K. January 23, 2014

I love sweets and this keeps me in check. no extra working out.<br/><br/>This recipe is a great base for a lot of different things you can do with it. Changes I made :<br/><br/>Country crock instead of butter or margarine. This will reduce fat by half and they are still awesome. <br/>I have used lemon extract and put colored sprinkles on top. I have used toasted coconut with almond extract. The only thing is i add way more extract than what recipe calls for. I don't measure it I smell it :) otherwise its not enough flavor for me. I make these all the time and love them, thanks to the person who posted it here.

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lms659 March 15, 2013

Fantastic and forgiving recipe! Have made these a couple of times now, using pears that I cooked and mashed instead of applesauce. Drained some of the juice off the pears, but also added a freepour of quick oats, walnuts, choc chips (less than the recipe calls for), and coconut. I subbed white whole wheat flour, and used a little over half of the white sugar indicated. Doubled the recipe the second time I made them, and since it seemed a little stiff at the end, I added a bit of the pear juice back in. With all my changes and approximations, my family loved them! And since my two teenage sons and husband are prone to eating cookies for breakfast, these tastily fit the bill. This recipe is a keeper!

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chris lepore October 15, 2012

A great cookie to have with coffee, tea or milk. Not too sweet, but has a nice taste. I like that the cookies are soft and tender and not hard and crispy. Very easy to make, with ingredients that I always have on hand. I use Splenda sugar and Splenda brown sugar. Made for Diabetic Cooking Tag Game.

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Crafty Lady 13 May 22, 2011

I gave this recipe 5 stars. My family loves these cookies. We thought these were just as good as full sugar chocolate chip cookies and so, so soft like a cake. I've made these several times since my first review. The first time I made these I made a few changes to the recipe. I used butter instead of margarine, I used Splenda sugar blend for baking instead of sugar, and I used skim milk instead of 1%. The second time I made these I used regular granular sugar and the butter. The third time last I made these I used Splenda for baking, Splenda brown sugar and the butter. This last time I used the margarine, Splenda sugar blend, Splenda brown sugar, sugar free chocolate chips, 1 scoop plain protein powder, and chopped walnuts. I much perfer the taste and texture of using the butter, but the rest of the changes are just fine. These are yummy made just about anyway. Overall these are so good and we will for sure have these again. Thanks for posting a great recipe. Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut February 27, 2010

I used Splenda / Brown Sugar mix for the brown sugar part. They were tasty, but the texture was more like a loaf cake (maybe like banana bread). My husband (who's diabetic) ate about 7 of them . . . so they MUST be good!

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Rengetsu October 01, 2009

these were just ok. They were really cakey, more like a muffin then a cookie. Good, but not amazing.

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I Can't Believe It's Healthy January 22, 2009
Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies