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I mixed this dough by hand but next time will use the food processor, which will take only seconds. I did add about 1/4 tsp. salt because I'm not concerned about the salt content and wanted the flavor. I would add a bit more next time. To make it easier, rather than rolling and cutting individual crackers and having to transfer them to the baking pans, I sprayed large cookie sheets without sides with Pam, and rolled the dough right on the pans all the way to the edges. Scored them with a pizza cutter, and broke apart after baking. Very easy and only took about 15 minutes. I did need to add about 2 T. more water to the dough to get it to hold together, maybe because I substituted oat bran for the wheat germ. I covered the dough with plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes before rolling out. I cut the dough in half and formed each half into a square, which made it easier to roll out onto the almost square cookie sheet. Nice flavor and texture.

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kokeshi doll August 07, 2007

I was looking for a no salt snack food for my mom who has to watch her salt intake.I made a batch of these and the only thing I did differently was I used 1 tbsp of flax seeds+1 tbsp of seasame seeds.I did as another reviewer suggested and rolled out my dough on a rimless cookie sheet,and scored them with my pizza cutter,this was very quick!The first ones got a little too brown because I rolled them too thin,and the second pan were a little too thick I think.I would say the hardest part was getting them to right thickness. They were bland at first(or so I thought!) but I found myself "tasting" them again and again until I realized I really like them! They sort of remind me of a cross between wheat thins and stone wheat crackers.Hubby said he thought they were missing something, yet he ate about three handfuls of them so I think he likes them:)I will definitely make these again,Thanks ShelbyI had no idea I could make homemade crackers yum!

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delish #2 October 01, 2008

First, the inevitable substitution list: white whole wheat flour for whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup wheat bran for all the wheat germ, and omitted the sesame seeds all together (only because I didn't have any in the house). These crackers baked up so nicely! I am so pleased! They are a bloody lot of work, however, especially if you're anal about getting the crackers thin enough (like I was), so set aside anywhere from 1-2 hours. Definitely work with small pieces of dough (I broke mine into about 10 small pieces). I found it necessary to re-moisten the reserved dough every so often with about a tablespoon of water per tenth, as it became dry and tough to work with-- and this was during a humid November north Texas evening! But I think this problem was caused by the bran-for-germ substitution. However, I was a virgin cracker baker before this, so those less green than I may not have the aforementioned problems. I'm pleased with the number of crackers this made: it filled an 8-cup or 1.9 liter plastic container! We'll have crackers-and-cheese brown bag lunches for my son for 2 weeks! These crackers work well with or without accompaniment-- I've had them with American cheese, and I'm trying hummus next, then canned tuna & mayo "salad", then...who knows! My husband eats them right out of their container, and I could, too. These beat out Wheat Thins any day! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe-- we'll probably enjoy this recipe for years and years to come!

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GertieMcFlirty November 14, 2005

Awesome recipe! Food.com and the wide selection of low sodium recipes on the cooking app, SideChef, are my go tos for healthy recipes.

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goldendoodle227 March 07, 2015

What a great recipe! These were sooo easy to make and were so delicious that I proudly gave some in a Christmas gift basket along with a bottle of wine and some cheese. Like others, I made substitutions based on what I had on hand. I replaced the 11/2 cups of instant oatmeal with 1/2 cup oat bran plus 1 cup of 7 grain flakes (these are like old fashioned oat flakes but are made with wheat, oats, barley, rye, etc.) and I used ground flax meal for the wheat germ and flax seeds for the sesame seeds. When I rolled them out I put half the dough between two sheets of freezer paper then I removed the top sheet of paper and flipped the bottom sheet onto an ungreased, side-less cookie sheet. Peeled off the remaining sheet of paper and scored them before I baked them. When they were done baking, they came right off the cookie sheet and separated easily. It only took a few minutes and I was done. Thanks Shelby, for a fantastic, easy recipe that tastes so good.

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pcgreenthumb January 14, 2012

best ever! i really liked these. i'm not concerned with my salt intake - so i did add some salt - but not much. and these were fantastic!
thanks for the recipe.

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adams.wifey September 05, 2011

Absolutely WONDERFUL! I didn't have quick-cooking oats, so I ground old fashioned rolled oats in the blender for a few seconds. I also didn't have sesame seeds, so I just omitted that ingredient. I used three packets of truvia for the sugar. Mine didn't seem to be cooking enough (probably because I rolled them too thick) so I upped the temp. to 400 degrees.

This recipe makes a lot of crackers! It made double what I was expecting! I thought it would be pretty bland because of no salt or seasonings, but I think it tastes delightful! Thanks for the recipe! This will be a household staple.

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AltaJoy September 13, 2010

I just made these and they are wonderful to eat and easy to make. I am trying to get salt out of my diet and most of the crackers without salt taste terrible, have no fiber and are too expensive. I was out of sesame seeds so substituted flax seeds.

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smohara June 09, 2010

As is, they're tasty! Thanks for a great, basic recipe. Also, I agree they're very similar to a wheat thin. Update: The thinner you get these the better. If you've got them on the thicker side be sure to bake them for 5-10 min more. I've sub'd apple juice for the H2o before and it was pretty good. Next round I'll omit the sugar and use salt with herbs.

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The Veganista April 20, 2010

Really tasty and pretty easy. I simplified by mixing ingredients in my bread machine (though not kneading as long). Some of the crackers I rolled directly onto an oiled cookie sheet with flat sides as recommended by another reviewer. For my pans with lips, I did roll on the counter. I let my 4 year old son cut some with the cookie cutter which was moderately successful (it made him happy). I did add 1/2 tsp salt though I don't know how much difference that made. I also used regular oats, not quick. Like another reviewer, I used "white" whole wheat as opposed to the standard red wheat since it has a milder flavor. Finally, I didn't have sesame seeds so I omitted those.

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okinok July 05, 2008
Low-Sodium Whole-Grain Crackers