Low Fat Yogurt Hollandaise Sauce

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

I tore this out of a magazine and am storing here for safe keeping...You know, for that Monday I start my diet!!

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  1. Beat eggs, yogurt, lemon juice in double boiler.
  2. cook for about 15 min or until thickened.
  3. Note: Sauce will become thinner after 1o min of cooking, then will thicken again.
  4. Remove from heat and stir in dill, salt, pepper and mustard.
  5. Serve warm.
  6. Can be refrigerated for up to 1 week.
  7. Reheat over hot not boiling water.


Most Helpful

I really wanted to like this but my DH & I didn't. We LOVE eggs benedict & decided to make it for Valentine's Day b-fast and were very disappointed. The yogurt gives it a funny bitter flavor and we will not be making it again. Sorry

CareyLee February 14, 2009

Followed the cooking instructions exactly, and the recipe worked very well and tastes fine. <br/><br/>The finished sauce looks perfect, but doesn't have the same mouthfeel as real hollandaise for obvious reasons. It does taste surprisingly good despite that, so as others have said it is a less guilty option. Without all that fat to carry them, you do need to be a little heavier handed with the spices/flavourings than the real version. From that perspective, I chose to omit the lemon juice and used microplaned zest instead - it is tart enough for me from the yoghurt. <br/><br/>NB I often use a traditional egg and yoghurt mix to top moussaka instead of bechamel, there as here the flavour of the plain yoghurt is critical for the recipe to turn out well. Using the mildest tasting yoghurt you can get is key, anything too tangy becomes unpleasantly acidic when cooked down.

sorrelm December 11, 2013

Sorry, did not care for this. Too yogurt. Thanks

doug_12699907 February 16, 2013

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