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This was very good. I really liked how the flavours combined, and absorbed. Usually when I make this desert, I let it sit overnight so the flavours blend more, so thats what I did. I would reccomend making this a day ahead.

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Little Italy September 09, 2005

Tiramisu is one of my husbands all time favourite desserts, but I'm not really a fan of the stuff so I made this dessert especially for him. We had several neighbours around after dinner to share in the tasting and rating and they came up with the following: Presentation was *Perfect*... taste was Great... however they didn't all agree on the texture of the cake sections, several thought it was a little heavy.(maybe my oven or my cake baking skills?) On the instruction "fold triple-sifted flours" I *almost* missed combining the cornflour with the others since cornflour didn't immediately jump to mind as a "flour" since I was already using two different flours. Fortunately I realised in time and it went in at the right moment. BlueMoon's instructions were clear, I think my origional interpretation of them maybe was not. Gelatine in the Netherlands is found in sheets, 12 sheets in a 20 gram packet so I guessed and used two sheets, and that set the ricotta mixture perfectly. The overall concensious was that the recipe was a hit, that the flavour was absolutely excellent and that only the cake layer let it down ever so slightly. That possibly could have been my fault in the making, but I did follow the instructions to the letter. It's scored highly enough with DH that he keeps detouring past the fridge to cut additonal slices and he's asked me to make it again. My rating method is explained on my page. So for this recipe: a well deserved 4 stars. Review update: I accidently shoved the very last wee slice of this to the back of the fridge and DH fround it one and a half days later... he says that the cake has improved a lot since everything has soaked into it more, so next time I will make this one day in advance :)

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kiwidutch April 24, 2005
Low-fat Tiramisu