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This made 4 mini loafs in the Pampered Chefs stoneware pan and was finished baking in 40 minutes. The loaves comes out a very dense and delicious. I can't taste very well due to a cold. But I like this recipe because of the Splenda and zucchini which are both good for my DD with Type 1 diabetes. Made for *Healthy Choices ABC Tag 2009* game

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Charlotte J September 16, 2009

I left out the sugar to make a savoury muffin and it was yummy!

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hungry_housewife September 22, 2012

This was absolutely delicious!! I made a couple small changes, some for preference others for lack of enough ingredient,..didn't have too much apple sauce and all I had was "lite" so I used 4oz (1/2 cp) apple sauce, and added about a teaspoon of oil to makeup for it to the existing oil. I swapped two of the cups of flour for whole wheat, and also peeled one of three small zucchini before breading, although I don't know that it made any difference. I prefer loaves so I used a large loaf pan (the whole batter) and baked for 40 minutes. It was better to me than the regular with all that sugar! Thanks so much for posting, my husband will love this.

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liljoeyschef September 24, 2009
Low-Fat Sugar-Free Zucchini Bread/Muffins