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WELL Nancy here's a review and a well deserved 8 stars. This was one of the best Low-Fat Scalloped Potatoes recipe I have did in a long time! I used my food processor to slice the potatoes which made prep even easier. This is a quick restaurant tip...as has been said a food processor works great, but if you use the plunger the slices tend to cut thicker, we just let the potato sit under it's own weight to slice w/ the processor for nice thin slices. We served with steak, home made bread, a good red wine and ended up with one of the best dinners we've had lately. I split the casserole into two 8x8's and put one in the refrigerator for another dinner this weekend. Will definitely make this again! I TAG this recipe for Everyday Is A Holiday and with this recipe it is a happy one too.!! - May -24- 2013 THANK YOU !!!

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CHEF GRPA May 26, 2013

YES.....this may well be low fat....but probably not so much, when you actually want to eat the entire dish yourself because it tastes so darn good!!!<br/>Just try and take the dish away from me, and make me share it.......I think NOT..!!!!!<br/>Made for PRMR.

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Noo November 29, 2013

I used all 2% milk and thought this came out great. Very satisfying for being "light". I don't usually bother with peeling Yukon Golds and did not here either. Although it seemed like an extra chore at first to parboil the potatoes, it's really nice to have the casserole dish bake so fast in the oven. [Made for Zaar Alphabet Soup]

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averybird November 23, 2012

Quite yummy for low fat! This is the first time I've pre-boiled sliced potatoes, and it really cuts down on the cook time for scalloped potatoes. Great for a weeknight! I purchased Gruyere just for this, as I find it has a distinctive flavor and I wanted to try it with the recipe. Wonderful....thanks for sharing! Made for Holiday tag.

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breezermom June 23, 2012

I cut the recipe down to 2 servings with no problem. This is delicious. I had never pre-boiled the potatoes like this, and will do so from now on. I hate it when I do the whole recipe in the oven and the potatoes don't get done! I used all 2% milk. Loved the addition of the nutmeg.

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Outta Here May 18, 2012

Not only is this recipe great tasting, it's also very generous. I made one serving and that was plenty for both DH and myself. I've never before made scalloped spuds where they are cooked first but doing it this way I didn't get a boil over like I usually do. Didn't have the swiss cheese so used the marbled cheddar that was in the fridge and that was yummy too. Oh yeah, I used all 2% milk as we don't keep whole milk in the house and it worked just fine.

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Annacia May 14, 2012

These potatoes were fantastic, the whole family loved them.

I increased the amount of cheese to about 3/4 cup, and well honestly I forgot the nutmeg. Next time we have these I think all use all low fat milk and remember the nutmeg! This recipe is a keeper!

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jaramillo_10680684 April 08, 2012

I scaled this back for 4 serves but had enough for 6, I used Carisma potatoes which are a low GI white potatoe and all low fat milk and I had an oops moment when out of sheer habit I put the cheese in with the white sauce, so just grated some more over the potatoes in the dish but to be honest a 1/4 cup was not going to cover it so used about 3/4 cup of cheese and sprinkled with some paprika (at DH's request) and baked at 175C non fan forced but got caught up with the lamb and realized it had been in the oven for 25 minutes but it was cooked to perfection with a lovely light golden colour, the potatoes were cheesy and beautifully tender, thank you Nancy's Pantry for another great recipe.

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I'mPat November 03, 2011

Mmm! We loved the use of gruyere cheese on these yummy taters. Have not had scalloped potatoes in years and this recipes was healthier and better tasting than any I can remember. I did make a few minor changes in that I cut the recipe in half, used unpeeled red potatoes (they came in our CSA box) and only used 1% milk as I did not have any whole milk on hand. Anyway they were yummy and we will be making them again. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl October 22, 2011
Low-Fat Scalloped Potatoes