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Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

Elegant, fast, easy, and healthy. Also delicious hot or cold.

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  1. Line broiling platter with aluminum foil & spray with cooking spray.
  2. Place salmon fillets on foil.
  3. “Finger paint” Dijon over each fillet.
  4. Balance platter over sink; sprinkle on lots of garlic powder and dill.
  5. Broil (2nd shelf down) until Dijon topping starts to brown.
  6. Close oven door & switch to bake for another 3-4 minutes, or until fillets are browned and easily “flaked.” Dijon mixture prevents them from drying.
  7. Let cool slightly. Peel away skins if desired & serve.
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This is so fast - I probably had it done start to finish in 10 minutes or less! Great salmon dish that uses pantry staples! I was worried that the topping would taste weird after being browned, but not at all. I promised to make this dish again for DH and DS. Made for Pick A Chef Spring 2009.

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This was easy to do and was a nice way to add a punch of flavor to the salmon with out extra fat. You do have to like Dijon mustard because it is a pretty strong taste but I don't know why you would be making this dish if you didn't. I ended up putting the garlic powder and the dill in with the mustard first and then mixed it all together before spreading it over the salmon.