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I had high hopes for this, but was dissapointed. I followed the directions exactly and put the bread in for an hour. I happened to be walking past the oven with about 6 minutes left to go and realized that the loaves were starting to black on the top. So I'd start checking at 45 minutes. The flavor is ok, but this bread is very very dry and did not have enough raisins in it for my taste. I have frozen what is left (1 whole loaf and 5/8th of the other) because I think this could make really good bread pudding or french toast. Thanks for posting though, I love to try out lower fat stuff! Update: This does indeed make really good bread pudding. I used it to make Yummy Low Cal-Low Fat Pineapple Bread Pudding #28558 and found it to be wonderful. I think that makes it sort of a 3 1/2 star recipe. I'm not sure I would make this just for bread pudding, but it sure was tasty!

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ladypit September 07, 2004
Low-Fat Raisin Bread