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I was intrigued by the fact that there was no flour in the recipe, and because of that, they're very soft and bit crumbly, but that doesn't matter the slightest bit because all the fruit flavours mingle together beautifully to make really tasty muffins! I halved the recipe and omitted the apricots and egg substitute, which I didn't have. I also used orange juice and regular milk. This tastes great for breakfast along with a steaming cup of coffee!

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Anu May 28, 2002

Thanks for this excellent recipe! I have been making these muffins a lot, and each time they come out perfectly. The batter is moist and so is very easy to handle (no overmixing!!), and the muffins are really tasty despite the low sugar content. I love the taste of oatbran, but porridge was all I could do about it. This recipe offers a great alternative! And thanks again for giving me hope out of the other disappointing muffin recipes ^^

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Grace Fung June 07, 2003

I made this as directed with an egg and again with many substitutions including instant oatmeal and wheat flour. Both times it came out fine, moist. It is an extremely flexible recipe, but beware that the substitutions affect the flavor balance making it only ok sometimes.

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COREprojects May 18, 2010

These are very good low fat bran muffins! I used applesauce instead of fruit juice and blueberries instead of banana, apple and apricots (though I do want to try it as written as well!!) And I used two egg whites instead of the egg substitute. If I make them again, I may experiement with fat free yogurt for some of the mil to help make them less crumbly. But the banana might do that too. However, they are quite delicious and filling!

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Alannahoney July 22, 2007

These muffins were good for only 2 WW points, but not really my taste. I used prune juice and a pear instead of the apple. If you like bran muffins, these may be good.

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djafishfria October 02, 2005

Yes, these were moist, but I thought they had no identity... Not really banana muffins, neither really apple muffins, nor apricot...

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Anne La Quebecoise March 19, 2005

A healthy muffin that makes a great breakfast! Moist and fruity, I also liked that it was made from all oat bran, no flour. I used OJ, otherwise as stated. Froze the leftovers and have been heating them up for breakfast. I'll make these again and again! Thanks, LDJ, for posting!

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LonghornMama March 18, 2005

I substituted freely with the recipe, using chocolate chips in one batch and cranberries in another instead of apricots, soy milk instead of real milk, and apple sauce just because it was handier. Very moist and fruity muffin.

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Soldier Girl August 28, 2004

I used a sugar substitute for this recipe, raisins in place of apricots (didn't have any) and blue berries instead of Banana(High sugar). And it became totally non-fat, no sugar and for all on diet it's great news! It tasted really really good too! I'm gonna bake this very frequently. Thanks a million for this!

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Tangy June 10, 2004

This is a terrific recipe. Over the past couple of weeks, I have tried many different bran muffin recipes and have concluded that this one was the best. This is definitely a keeper. My own variations were small. I added 4 single packets of Splenda to ensure sweetness, though it probably didn't need it. As a fruit juice, I used orange juice. Instead of dried apricots, I used an equivalent amount of dried apples, since I had recently dehydrated them myself. For the small grated apple in the recipe, I used a Granny Smith apple. The recipe allows much latitude on juices and fruit one can use. Since we're on a low-carb diet, we will use only this bran muffin recipe from now on. It is definitely a 5-Star Recipe.

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repmuj February 29, 2004
Low Fat Oat Bran Apricot Muffins