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This tastes really good, I added garlic, a little seasoning mix and a little "dash" and it tastes good. Used it on turkey sandwiches for church fellowship.

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morgainegeiser January 26, 2013

This is a ripper of a little recipe Mumma-limited only by your imagination and tastebuds! I used a 200g container of yoghurt, then measured my mayo into it before going on to add in garlic, tabasco, thyme, dill, salt, pepper onion flakes, parsley flakes and a little paprika (all things I put in dry ranch dressing mixes). I would suggest if you are worried about how much of anything you need, go to a ranch dressing recipe for some good ideas. I like the fact I can make a half cup full or a half bucket full-it's just half of each of the mayo and yoghurt then season to taste.

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JustJanS December 02, 2011

I liked this.. well..kind of.. the idea and combination of flavours is quite good, but since I had to guess on the amounts of chili sauce etc I ended up accidently overdoing the onion and garlic (pureed)and the chili sauce so I ended up with what I would call a fire-ry dressing rather then a real mayonnaise. After I took the photo I needed to add a considerable amount of extra yogurt and mayo to tone it down enough to enjoy. That said, the flavours do go fairly well together but i'd recommend being more sparing than you think with the "other stuff" in the ingredient list until the flavours have had time to meld so do a taste test and add more chili sauce/onion /garlic etc after the hour in the fridge and not before. Please see my rating system: 3 stars for a recipe that I will work on to fine tune to my tastes. Thanks!

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kiwidutch August 14, 2007
Low Fat Mayonnaise