Low Fat Jell-O Parfaits

Total Time
20 mins
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I made this about like the recipe for parfaits. Again with the jars which I think is a great idea. Take them about anywhere and not worry about them. Course you can use parfait glasses too. These are good and seem to be filling too.

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  1. Mix both packages of jell-o with the boiling water and stir till jell-o is disolved.
  2. Add cold water and stir.
  3. Refrigerate about 4 hours or until jell-o is firm.
  4. Put half of the jell-o into mixing bowl and add 1 container of yogurt.
  5. Set mixer on a medium -low setting and blend until blended but not creamy.
  6. put about 2 teaspoons gramham cracker crumbs in the bottom of 6 half pint canning jars.
  7. Followed by about 2 tablespoons jell-o mixture.
  8. Follow with about 2 teaspoons graham cracker crumbs.
  9. Followed by about 2 tablespoons plain jell-o.
  10. Next 2 tablespoons of vanilla yogurt.
  11. Repeat layers until all ingreditents are gone.
  12. Wipe rims, add lids and refrigerate.
  13. Really I don't think the order matters.
  14. Just put graham crackers between each layer.
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What fun, and the combination's you can make are unlimited. I used strawberry banana yogurt with strawberry jello and I had no graham crackers so I used animal crackers, crushed. Wonderful, I know the kids will love these when they get home from school and it's not really even bad for them, I used sugar free jello. thanks for a great , fun recipe and the idea of using the canning jars was brilliant.

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Yum-m-o! We ate this for dessert all weekend. This was a very refreshing dessert. I added cool whip as one layer and also added a little granola on top. I used the cherry jello and vanilla yogurt. Will make again tonight!

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Made & reviewed for the Recipe of the Week in the Kid Friendly Forum! We made these on Sunday evening, to take on a picnic on Monday, They are very easy (& fun gor the kids) to make. I used a couple of sachets of strawberry jelly crystals (vegetarian) & used digestives (UK equivalent of graham crackers). These were great & travelled perfectly in the cool box - everyone was very envious of our dessert!!! Thanks for a great recipe :)