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We didn't really like this recipe. The rice was bland. I think we would have liked it better if there was something flavoring the rice.

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Coulrophobia May 29, 2010

This casserole is amazing! I've made many dishes quite similar to it, but this is by far the best! Just how good, you ask? My DH will not eat leftovers. Of anything. At all. I have no idea where this affliction came from, but it's been the norm since we first met long ago. He also considers food as a 'necessity', and he finds no pleasure in eating. I never know if he actually likes something I've prepared, or if he's just swallowing it simply for fuel purposes. I whipped up this casserole knowing I'd have leftovers for myself for the hectic week to come (hubby would just have to fend for himself), but to my surprise, DH had leftovers, TWO nights in a row. To top it off, he actually said (and I quote) "This is pretty good Hun." I about had a heart attack... Thank you for finally providing me with a recipe that my husband compliments!! FYI: I'm at high altitude, and I didn't change a thing in the recipe. Turned out fantastic!

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Jasper September 01, 2009

We enjoyed this casserole a lot! I used the leftover ham we had from Easter and a bit more shredded cheese. Very tasty and a quick meal to put together. Served with a tossed salad and sour dough rolls. Will make this again soon and might try chicken in place of the ham.

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lauralie41 April 17, 2007
Low-Fat Ham & Rice Casserole