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These are so easy and yet taste great! I did add the molasses, was a little leary because just the smell of molasses makes makes me cringe. These make a great lunch box snack for the kids. I did a light dusting of powdered sugar on mine when they cooled. Great recipe, Thanks for sharing!

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children from A to Z May 01, 2008

I wanted to love this recipe but unfortunately these brownies were kind of rubbery texture so no one was willing to take a 2nd bite, much less a 2nd brownie. I used Splenda Sugar Blend, maybe I should have used real sugar instead. I'm glad others have enjoyed the recipe and sorry they didn't work for us.

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Cooking Mama 3 June 08, 2008

Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe! I didn't have molasses so I was forced to leave it out, but I'll remember it for next time! I used regular Splenda (I halved the recipe & only used 1/3 cup), Eggbeaters & half whole wheat/half oat flour. I confess using low fat vanilla yogurt instead of the oil-just thought I'd see how it'd work! I also threw in a little baking soda; didn't use any nuts as I wanted it to be low fat. They were soft, fluffy & smelled wonderful. Baked in 20 minutes. Thanks again; have added it to my cookbook!

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LUVMY2BOYS March 04, 2008
Low-Fat Fudge Brownies