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Just finished scarfing a serving of this delicious breakfast! The house smells fabulous! I ALWAYS have to tweak recipes to fit my STRICT low-calorie diet. I shaved TONS of calories by using Sara Lee delightful wheat bread. I only used 14 (45 calorie)slices and COULD'VE gotten by with only 10 or 12! (I'll remember that next time.) I also cut the eggs to 5 and only used 1 and 1/4 cup of SKIM milk and only 2 apples. This still FILLED my glass 9 X 13 pan so the lesser total ingredients worked just great for me. I finished the topping with a dusting of Splenda over the whole top before baking. My calorie totals per serving was 164.42 calories and 1.92g fat!!!!! BTW...THAT INCLUDED THE LOW CAL BREAD!! (This was NOT included in recipe as posted.) My next batch will be even lower in calories/fat because I will use only 10 slices of bread. I can't WAIT to make it again! Thanks for an awesome new low-cal breakfast!

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jVo April 15, 2007

This was actually pretty good. I did make a few adjustment to accomodate my family. I used 3/4ths the amount of bread and also added a cup of low fat soy milk (for a total of 2 1/2cups). I used half egg substitue and 3 whole eggs. Peeled the apples. Cut the baking time to 30 minutes and the oven temp to 325. I topped it with "smart blend" and sugar free maple syrup. I would make this again as my family did enjoy it.

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nranz May 25, 2009

I followed JVO's review and used 11 slices of bread, egg beaters, and skim milk, also I peeled the apples. This was absolute PERFECTION!!!! We all LOVED it!

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Kristen Cooks! February 23, 2008

I halved this recipe--it made up very easy and looked great. I baked it in a round throwaway tin. Very quick.

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Kim S. May 28, 2010

This was very popular with my teenage daughter and her friends the morning after a sleepover. It tastes sort of like a cinnamon roll with apples. I used Orowheat buttermilk bread (it's not low cal). I used 1/4 cup real maple syrup in the liquid instead of the honey, and used the 1/2 cup honey on top. I precooked the granny smith apples in the microwave for 6 min. so they wouldn't be crunchy, and I used only 1/4 t of salt. It did burn a bit on top and bottom, so next time I'll lower the oven temp. Most french toast casseroles are loaded with fat - thanks for posting this one - I'll be making it again!

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ranch-girl December 01, 2007

I served this to a group of stay at home moms and thought it tasted really good. One of them even commented that it looked professionally made. I like it because not only is it low fat but it doesn't have to sit before baking like other French toast casserole recipes I have tried. I used Gala apples and my DH didn't like that they were crunchy. I plan on making this Christmas morning and may try microwaving them first.

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Babyelephant December 06, 2005

This casserole was ok. It looked much better than it tasted. I was so excited seeing the great reviews, but it just seemed to be lacking something...not sure what. Even my 4 year old who eats everything wasn't impressed. Maybe I'll try again using a different type of apple.

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Scrappin'Mom May 09, 2008
Low-Fat French Toast Casserole